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Position Your Members to Win

Introducing PARS, a predictive performance rating system that tells small businesses if they're ready for government contracting, and shows those that aren't how to get ready. 

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How PARS Helps Prime Government Contractors Find the Best Small Business Partners

Predictive and Prescriptive

PARS helps large organizations, government agencies, and specifically prime government contractors quantify the performance of the small enterprises, subcontractors, freelancers, and teaming partners with whom they conduct business. 

For membership organizations, PARS is a way to help your professional members and small business owners become more successful.

PARS is an algorithm that uses a company's past performance, its current performance, and its resources as predictors of future performance.

  That means when your members take the free PARS survey, the program will be able to match them with the projects and government subcontracts they are best suited to perform.  

If you have members who want to move their business into government contracting, PARS will help them to calculate their government readiness level. 

The PARS Score is to government contractors and agencies what the credit score is to lenders.

How PARS Scoring Works 

Use the Performance Assessment Rating System to get accurate ratings for small businesses.

PARS for government contractors

What Is the PARS Scoring Tool? 

PARS™ (Performance Assessment Rating System) is our proprietary scoring tool that uses a “mock” environment and predictive metrics to rate the performance of small, minority-owned, women-owned, and veteran-owned businesses.  

For prime contractors, agencies, and organizations, the process is as simple as directing potential subcontractors and teaming partners to ccomplete the PARS Survey. The answers are used as evaluation factors to assess the past performance and predict the future capabilities of small businesses.

Here's What Gets Rated with PARS

PARS scores small businesses in three core areas:

1. Technical capability - How well companies do what they do  

2. Teaming suitability - The value they offer  

3. Government suitability - How well equipped they are for government contracts  

PARS is a tiering system that rates small business from Tier 1 to Tier 4 using a variety of key evaluation factors to help prime contractors determine the capabilities of potential teaming partners and subcontractors.  

What gets rated with PARS for prime government contractors
TEN - Performance Assessment Rating System

Analyzing and Breaking Down Scores

Each business analyzed and rated with PARS gets an Overall Performance rating, but you don't just get that one important number.

PARS also generates a series of scores in more than a dozen different categories that primes, agencies, and organizations can analyze to determine which companies would make good teaming partners and which are best-suited for subcontracting work. 

Who We Are


For more than 20 years, Linda Chatmon and the Contracts and Grants, LLC team have offered procurement, staff augmentation, and business development services to organizations.

  We are federal acquisitions experts, and have secured more than $12.2 billion in contracts and grants negotiations and awards.  

PARS provides us with the ability to match companies that are a good fit.  

We focus on:

  • Proposal support
  • Identifying and vetting qualified businesses 
  • Procurement / acquisition 
  • Bid process 
  • Negotiating teaming agreements 
  • Contract administration 
  • Contract management 
  • Subcontractor agreements 
  • Subcontract management, including flow-down clauses 
  • Performance reviews 
  • Ensuring compliance with local ordinances

Linda Chatmon, federal contracting consultant, federal contracts expert

The Performance Assessment Rating System is monitored and managed by PayDirt Analytics, a strategic analytics company dedicated to helping companies find a path to success through data and computational understanding.